Thursday, January 3, 2008

Marc Jacobs x Richard Prince = "Big City After Dark" Louie Vuitton Bags

A friend just recently pointed out the dynamic collaboration between renowned artist and photographer Richard Prince and Louie Vuitton on a collection of handbags. Marc Jacobs recruited Prince to revamp the notorious monogram LV print. So, the LV monogram now has a watercolor paintbrush effect that’s silk-screened on to leather with metallic snake skin accents.

The highly anticipated Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Richard Prince Collaboration (that debuted on the Spring 2008 Runway) titled “Big City After Dark,” features vibrant colors, spray-painted text, cartoon-printed bags and much more.

Considering that a Richard Prince print goes for about $180,000 at Sotherby’s in London, a LV bag with the artist’s print seems like a steal at a mere $2,720. But…that is if you can even afford that!

Prince is best known for his Nurse paintings, which inspired the bags.

2008: New Year, New Closet

Thank God the holidays are over! Christmas shopping was Hell (especially since I couldn't really buy anything for myself, which killed me...but I was strong). Sorry I haven't entertained you with my rants and ravs about fashion...I've been unispired lately (read my last blog entry).

But, it's a new year, and I'm going to stop making excuses and enter a blog entry at least once a day! This is the year I finally become a fashion journalist (a REAL one). It's time I make my dreams a reality, and this blog is just the begining.