Friday, October 26, 2007

My Steve Madden shoe obsession

Hello, my name is Kris, and I’m a shoe-aholic. I have more than 100 pairs of shoes in my closet, and I love every single one of my babies. My mantra is: You can never have too many pairs of shoes since in my opinion, the shoes always makes the outfit.

Right now, I’m obsessing over Steve Madden shoes. There are seven pairs that I am dying to own, and am trying to figure out which ones I should purchase first, or better yet, which ones does my closet need more.

First, there is “Madly,” which I’m madly in love with. The riding boot sensation has been around for a couple of seasons already, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. I’ve been searching for the perfect riding boot for a while now, but haven’t seen anything I like. Most are just too plain and simple, while others feature a really weird heel. Then came “Madly.” With a round toe, perfect heel and a bow in the back, “Madly” is the best riding boot I’ve seen thus far.

So, obviously I’m going to buy them, but the tough question is: In what color? The shoe comes in more than eight colors, including black suede and leather, brown suede and leather, grey, navy and tan. The two colors I want are black and brown leather. However, I can’t decide on which to buy first. Everyone knows that black goes with everything, but I’m a brown kind of gal. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

However, went I went to go buy them, all the colors had only four sizes left: 4, 4.5, 10.5 and an 11.5. There had to be a glitch in the system for all the shoes to have those sizes. I was so pissed. I had a 15 percent off coupon and free shipping. Damn, guess I’ll just have to wait…

Or I can buy one of my other favorites. Like the 4-inch “Chap,” which embodies the true menswear-inspired trend. Similar to an oxford, this bootie is hot! In a variety of different colors, the “Chap” would look great with a sweater dress or jeans. I’d want the white leather with the black tip for $149. But, the ones I’d really want are the ones that I can customize, with their design-your-own workshop. I would take the already made black and white one, but add a patch of black to the backend of the shoe, just to give it that authentic oxford look. With a price of $169, I just might have to wait until I have extra cash.

With “Chap” pushed back on my list, I can possibly choose another bootie following with the menswear theme. The “Kate” is also a black and white, pointy-toe booty, but with a bow. Like the “Chaps,” these would go well with a dress or jeans. With a price of $129, these might be doable for my first “Steve Madden obsession” purchase.

If I really want a boot, I can go with my long time favorite, the “Feud,” which as been around since last fall. Waiting for them to drop in price (last year there were $169 and now they are $129), these boots are Victorian-inspired and ultra cute. With a 3-inch heel and intricate detail, “Feud” is a perfect boot for the fall. Too bad when I went to buy it in my size (I decided to go with grey on this one), they of course didn’t have my size.

However, I did find my size at Nordstrom, but for some strange reason they were $149 there. I don’t want to pay more, but if it’s my last resort, I just might have to cough up the extra $20.

My final resort is the “Lezlie,” but my dilemma here is that there are three different styles I want. First, there is the “Lezlie” in natural. This is a perfect brown peep-toe heel that would go perfect with all my brown clothes. Next, is “Lezlie” in navy. Now, I have blue heels, but not blue peep-toe heels. See the difference? Finally, I also desire the zebra print “Lezlie.” I have other animal print shoes, but no zebra. It would finish off my animal print collection (I think…).

Since all are priced at $100, I think these will be around for a while, so I want to find outfits for them first before I have to buy them.

So, which shoes should I ultimately get? All I know is that I will get all of them in due time…

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Clap if you believe in fairies

Aptly title, “Fairy A Place…,” designer Kristopher Enuke’s fairytale Spring 2008 Collection came straight out of his imagination as he paired his ever-famous jeans (in various colors like white, lilac and light blue wash) with brightly colored floral and graphic tees and tanks.

Staged at the Lighthouse stage at Smashbox Studios on Thursday, Oct 18, 2007 (the last day of L.A. Fashion Week), Enuke created L.A.-inspired pixes, taking inspiration enchanted forests of storybook lands.

Continuing his knits from his Fall 2007 Collection, Enuke featured knits in an array of colors that spanned from pale pink to bright orange. They came in the form of knee length dresses, square neck blouses or long cardigans. Each had puffy sleeves (both short and long) and was either worn with chunky boots or ankle-tie sandals.

Then came his long-sleeve, floral-printed jersey dresses, also with his signature hoodie-style element on back. Colors ranged from pale yellow to a midnight blue, but all flowed weightlessly on the models, whether they were ankle or knee length. These would be perfect for a sunny spring day at the beach or a nice stroll in the park.

For those that like a more grown up take on his storybook approach would enjoy his metallic denim pantsuits in black and indigo, which gave the ordinary denim jean the look of a motorcycle pant without the leather shine. Whether in wide-leg style or a straight leg cut, the blazers made the outfit, which came in the traditional single breasted style or an asymmetrical zip-up front with a pastel-printed tee underneath.

There were a few pencil skirts paired with graphic tees and long scarves with knee high boots, and two pieces featured short shorts with a knit cardigan and a printed tee or a blazer on top. The show ended with a purple velvet, ankle length dress with billowing sleeves and a scoop neck that resembled something you would envision a princess in a bedtime story wearing. This was definitely the highlight of the show and the piece that most followed with his whimsical theme.

What finished off the collection were all the accessories. Long scarves dressed the models’ necks, teardrop earrings in coordinating colors graced their ears, chunky chokers and brightly colored bangles complemented several pieces. Dutch boy hats in matching jean colors were also used to compliment various styles.

At the end, Enuke walked the curtain call with his wife, Amy Enuke and their daughter. The Oligo Tissew label grew from his Oliver Twist line and is a made up-up word that means “refined cloth.” Enuke’s last collection (Fall 2007) featured a strong Japanese motif, which I thought was a bit stronger than this one.

The Fall 2007 collection was a bit more flirtatious with the Japanese theme not only seen within the clothes, but also the models’ hair and makeup. For this collection, the models’ makeup and hair were subtler, while the clothes commanded most of the attention.

Bringing out your inner goddess

“I looked to the balance of a female warrior, who must maintain her awareness of sensual elegance and femininity, while evoking her strength and individuality,” Samora Olayan explains. With spring’s silhouettes accentuating a woman’s essence and attributes, Samora’s Spring 2008 Collection reflected a healthier woman, with models who showed off curves in her feminine ancient goddess garbs that would flatter any woman’s figure.

For her ninth consecutive season, the Los Angeles-based designer looked toward ancient history for inspiration as her 43-piece collection that personified Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War and was shown on October 18, 2007 for Los Angeles’ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Held at Stage One at Smashbox Sutidos (smaller than the Main Stage), the atmosphere felt more intimate and the lighting gave off a soft effect, which complimented all the pieces.With musical spawn, Chudney Ross, Diana Ross’ youngest daughter, in the front row, Samora’s collection was shown to a full house as models walked the catwalk to electro house music as the audience ooh’d and aah’d her fabulous designs.

Setting the Roman-esque goddess tone, Samora opened her collection with a silver sheen linen dress with silver and gold shoulder medallions that flowed as the model effortlessly walked the runway. What followed was an array of long column gowns, layered tunics with fitted linen cropped pants, jersey dresses, high-waist wide-leg pants and high-waist skirts balanced with charming blouses.

Military-inspired dresses, jackets and cropped pea coats followed Samora’s “warrior” theme in a predominately feminine collection. Asymmetrical stitched tops and dresses were also a popular style throughout the runway.

In accordance to the Roman theme, Samora accented her collection with gladiator sandals and heels, arm bangles and styled models’ hair in braided up-dos with gentle curls falling from behind.

Choosing a gentle color palette of pastels and spring, the collection includes an array of feminine hues, such as pistachio green, aqua blue, yellow and earth tone browns and beiges. Floral patterns in certain pieces reveal the romantic elements, while the solid colors and structure in others displayed the powerful impression of woman.

Although the entire collection was beautiful and wearable, highlights included a lavender one shoulder, knot mermaid gown, black floral textured, criss-cross halter dress, grey taffeta dress with braided straps and shirred waistline, and the show-ender, a black satin gown with shirred cream chiffon panel and accented with black bow ties.

In an effort to incorporate her collection into the overall “green” theme for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios, Samora used natural fibers, 100 percent bamboo, silk and cotton that are considered eco-conscious and environmentally friendly.

With such wearable pieces, Samora’s designs would look great on any figure and are perfect for women who want to look great and feel sexy while still remaining sophisticated and posh. Stars that absolutely love Samora’s designs (and often wear them), include sisters Hilary and Haily Duff.

My First Fashion Show

Last week I experienced my first fashion show at Mercedes-Benz’s L.A. Fashion Week, where I got to preview Monarchy’s, Samora’s and Oligo Tissew’s Spring 2008 collections.

The experience was amazing! Prior to arriving to the shows, I was a bit nervous about attending such a fashionable event. What do I wear? How will I know what to write? These questions were running through my mind all morning. Finally, when it came time to leave work and go home and change, I chose to wear a wrap black and white Bebe dress with matching heels. (You can never go wrong with sophisticated glamour). I had my notepad in hand and a folder with all my passes in background information on the designers…I was ready to go.

Arriving there, I immediately felt un-fashionable when I saw how trendy and stylish everybody was dressed. Here I was in my sophisticated Bebe dress from last Fall’s collection while everybody had their skinny jeans tucked into their riding boots with their vests over regular tees. Silently in my head, I was cursing myself for not being more fashionable. I should have at least worn my new fuchsia Bebe dress that I wore to that not-so-fun party the other week. At least I had on my cute Tiffany star necklace with matching earrings.

Once there, it was non-stop commotion as I checked-in for the Monarchy show. Once inside Smashbox studios, I was overwhelmed with a surreal feeling; was I really at L.A.’s Fashion Week? Yes, I was, and it felt unbelievable. For the Monarchy show, I was able to score seats, which meant I was going to get a gift bag filled with goodies!

Waiting for the show to start took like what I though was forever. It should have started at 4 p.m., but officially began 45 minutes later. Walking into the main stage at Smashbox, still couldn’t believe where I was. I quickly found my seat and excitedly started looking around for celebrities (after, of course, I peeked into my goodie bag).

The room was dark with dim lights from the ceiling. On either side of the catwalk (which was covered in wet grass) were rows of seats and the photographers were all lined up at the end of the catwalk. Randy Jackson from “American Idol” was in the front row, along with Rex Lee from “Entourage.”

When the lights went out and the music started, I quickly whipped out my notepad and was ready to review. One after another, the models walked down the catwalk, strutting their stuff, while I tried to quickly jot down notes. I never realized how hard it was to review a fashion show. The models walk down so fast that as soon as you’re done writing about one piece, the other model is already half way done. I did my best to catch up, but prayed I would be able to find or get images of all the pieces so that I could catch all the intricate details I know I missed.

After about 20 minutes, it was over. I then had to go back outside and check-in for the Samora show. Since the Monarchy show ran late, Samora’s was pushed back as well. Inside the reception area was limited seating, so I had to stand the whole time, which was pretty tiring given I was wearing heels. It was interesting to people watch during the shows’ intermissions as I scoped out everybody’s outfits.

For the Samora show, I had to stand it the back, but it was worth it! Her show was the best by far. With a Roman goddess theme, Samora’s collection was beautiful, feminine, wearable and sexy. I would love to wear one of her many dresses and thought the collection was well designed. Whereas the Monarchy show was a bit more edgy and rockerish, Samora’s was girly and classy.

The last show I attended was Oligo Tissew. Before the show, I had never heard of the brand, but after some Internet research, found out that they made those cute jeans with the star on the back pocket. I expected to see kind of the same pieces Monarchy show, but was so wrong. Themed, “A Fairy Place…,” the clothes were horrible and looked as if they came out of a thrift store; bright colors that didn’t match, ugly washes of jeans, too-chunky knits and horrible shapeless dresses were on display. In addition to the horrible clothes, I had to sit next to an obnoxious, fat and smelly woman with red short hair in a tiny dress, with her boobs popping out of her dress. I was constantly distracted by her talking while I was trying to concentrate on the show and take notes. I just wanted it to be over.

By the end of the Oligo Tissew show, I was tired. I would have never imagined how tiring attending fashion shows was. I always thought it was glamorous, and the women that got to go to them were the luckiest women in the world. I was going to wait to see the Petro Zilla, the last show of the day and week, but couldn’t come to waiting another 45 minutes for the show to start. I had already experienced a fashion show, so I was happy.

All in all, attending fashion week was a great experience. I hope I can attend more shows next year for the fall collections!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Complex Mag & Harley Davidson Fashion Week Party

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was here in L.A. last week, and I got to attend a few shows. On Wednesday, Oct. 17 I attended the Complex Magazine and Harley Davidson fashion show and party at Boulevard 3 on Sunset in Hollywood. It was a star-studded event with celebrity appearances by David Hasselhoff, Travis Barker, pro skateboarder Jeremy Rodgers, actress Bai Ling (who was dancing on stage with the go-go dancers), a couple of ex-MTV reality stars and a ton of D-list actors not worth mentioning.

The fashion show was held atop of the bar with celebrity models like DMC Run DMC, the Cheetah Girls, some pro skateboarders and some other no name celebrities. At first, I thought the show was going to feature items that a big, fat (your typical) Harley guy would wear, but was surprised to find wearable, stylish items. The show featured some rockerish leather looks, trendy vests and leather pants and great tees that would look great with skinny jeans for a night out.

The party was pretty cool afterwards, but died down at 12 a.m. after Travis and his entourage left.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A road trip you don't want to miss

I missed the road trip. No, my friends didn’t leave to Mexico without me and they didn’t forget me on their way to Vegas. I missed the Heatherette’s road trip as they unveiled their funky Spring 2008 collection on Monday, October 15. I was originally supposed to go and cover it for an L.A. zine, but decided not to because I’d rather workout than go (I found out the day of the show and was feeling lazy in the sense I didn’t want to dress up and go).

I made a huge mistake. Not only was it the most creative show of L.A. Fashion Week, but I missed out on the whole circus-meets-fashion vibe of the show. Riche Rich and Traver Rains (the brains behind Heatherette, but who should really be rock stars) titled their funky show “Route 66: California or Bust.” It was a whimsical collection of itty bitty, butt-hugging, Speedo-style swim trunks for men, dresses smothered with lace, sequins and fringe and swingy skirts in bold graphic prints. To sum up the collection, I’d say it was oozing with sexy.

Actually, that’s how Rich and Rains described it. “We like sexy,” they said in one interview. Well, guess what R&R, I do show. And just to make sure everybody knew how sexy the collection was, porn star Jenna Jameson opened the show wearing a retro-styled two-piece swimsuit with a beaded empire waist. Now that’s sexy.

Usually it’s the women who wear the skimpy swimwear, but R&R mixed it up a bit by making the men wear Speedo-like swimwear. Buff, Ken-like and tattooed models smeared with black paint strutted their stuff in tiny trunks graced with sequins, appliqu├ęs and beaded fringe. Men’s shirts also got the smothered with sequin and fringes.

For the ladies, dresses were silky and swingy in green graphic prints and purple swirls. Gowns were slim-fitting with corsets and super-embellished. A pink zip-front gown was decorated with feathers while another sported an American flag. Then there were the playful dresses with the empire-waist lace gown with the never ending layers of tulle and a hoop-skirt dress that featured satin beach balls.

I’ve now learned my lesson: Never miss a Heatherette show!

Straight the runway to your makeup bag

What do flirty blouses, crochet minis, tiered lace prairies, polka dot sleeves and lipstick have in common? Petro Zillia, that’s what. The whimsical and innovative fashion house is collaborating with Smashbox cosmetics on a limited-edition makeup collection. And what perfect time to debut the bold makeup collection than L.A. Fashion Week, where Petro Zillia will debut its Spring 2008 Collection on Thursday, October 18. The lipstick and eyeshadows were inspired by the Spring 2008 collection and will debut at Petro Zillia’s show Thursday.

Nina Van Arsdale, head of Smashbox’s global public relations and events, described how colorful lips were a must when creating the makeup. “The color for the lip is called ‘Stunning,’” she says. “Which is a pop of watermelon pink.” Noni Tochteman, the line’s designer wanted a really clean face with a real punchy lip.

But bold color is no surprise for Petro Zillia, known fro fabric and prints in eye-catching rainbow brights. Other items in the collection are lash-thickening mascara and black gel eyeliner, which will be available at Thursday’s show.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Nicky Hilton's Chick Spring 2008 Collection

It’s Fashion week here in Los Angeles, and what better way to start off the week than with L.A.’s very own socialite’s line, Nicky Hilton’s “Chick,” at Smashbox Studios on Sunday, October 14. Although her notorious sister was MIA, actress and designer, Jamie Pressly was seen in the front row for Nicky’s playful, SoCa-inspired Spring 08 collection.

The collection features a white, red and blue color scheme, with flirty minidresses, floaty and whimsical blouses, playful patterns and super-high hemlines. Slated to represent the casual lifestyle of Southern California, Nicky features feminine dresses with unique, but girly, prints like delicate white swans over a sky blue dress, colorful glass slippers over a white background and bright red and black apples over a white dress. These prints are also featured on several tanks and blouses over tiny shorts.

Solid outfits also made a statement with her loose T-shirt dresses and halter dresses, high-waisted “sailor trousers” in red and indigo blue denim and, of course, skinny jeans were spotted on the runway.

My personal favorite was the black, knee-length dress with ruffle sleeves, a scallped hem and a white Peter Pan collar.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What were they thinking?

So, remember my perfect party outfit dilemma? Well, I did go the party, and I wore a simple, yet classy, fuchsia shirtdress from Bebe with my oxford-inspired platforms from Steve Madden. The outfit was okay, and nothing too elaborate or head turning. My mom even said, “That’s too plain,” which made me conscious of my plain outfit the whole night.

Although, I looked stylish compared to the other girls, I still felt I couldn’t have stepped it up a notch. The jeans and vest would have made a much louder statement. Still, I can’t complain. The outfits there ranged from hoochie-mama dresses (will get into more detail later) to horrible ensembles, and of course, skinny jeans with so-so tops.

If you haven’t already noticed, I am one of those people that takes joy in going to party and checking out outfits. I have more fun standing at the bar with a vodka tonic in my hand starring at outfits (both guys and girls) than dancing and getting all sweaty on the dance floor. It might seem boring, but trust me, it can be quite entertaining.

Here are my thoughts on do’s and don’ts of girls’ outfits from last night:

1. Don’t wear a bikini top under a plunging dress. It’s not the beach and, yes, you do look tacky.

2. Buy shoes that fit you. If your toes are hanging over the end of your shoes, don’t buy them.

3. If you are wearing a black cowel neck sweater, don’t accessorize it with a brown crocodile belt from Bebe and wear skinny jeans with black espadrilles. You have no style if you do.

4. Fake boobs are not an accessory.

5. Muffin tops are unacceptable.

6. This one is for the guys: There are other shoes out there other than black Converse. Explore the shoe section of your neighborhood department store.

7. Dressing like your friends does not look cute. Be an individual and have your own style.

Oh, and it wasn’t the party of the year. It actually sucked. I should have stayed home and watched Grey’s Anatomy instead.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Donna Karan

Donna Karan knows how the office can sometimes be a jungle and aptly designed her Spring 2008 collection around the working woman with her safari-ready collection. Nude and khaki defined most of her shirtdresses and fitted blazers, but she also played around with indigo and deep red for her evening ensembles. Interestingly, there were only a handful of shorts (both short and knee lengths), and just one pair of pants among he 49 warm weather looks. Karan also showed short-sleeve jackets with portrait collars, paring them with slim skirts that fell below the knee, full skirts she dubbed “parasols” (more like a ’50s inspired silhouette) that came in cotton, linen, and silk, plain or embellished with crocheted flower details and cork, bamboo or net boarders. Known for her body-hugging jersey dresses, Karan featured slinky jersey wrap dresses that crisscrossed at the neck, wrapped around the torso and barely grazed the tops of the models’ wood mules in pale shades of nude, white and silver gray. Grecian gowns in white, silver gray and soft yellows were perfect for any occasion while belts played a central role throughout her Spring collection, coming in raffia and leather or lace.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Perfect Party Outfit

I’m broke, but the party of the year calls for the perfect outfit. Not only is it the biggest celebrity DJ’s birthday party, but it’s also the place for the biggest names in music and streetwear to rub elbows with the party going elite. I have to have the perfect outfit no matter how over drafted my bank account is. I’m sure you all understand this dilemma. It’s the one night to shine and look better than everyone else.

I immediately hit the best mall in L.A. County, The Glendale Galleria. Not only does it have the best assortment in shops like Bebe, Guees, Metropark, Nordstrom and Forever 21, but it also has great shoe and accessory stores all under one massive roof (the mall literally take up two blocks).

In my mind, I was searching for something sexy, sassy and unique given it’s more of a Hollywood glam mixed with Melrose streewear kind of party. I immediately had three stores in mind: Nordstrom, Bebe and the hip Metropark. Now, of course you can never go shopping for the perfect party outfit on your own. Who’s going to give you feedback, remember what store the best outfit was in and keep you sane through the rigorous process? I immediately called in backup, or better yet my shopping partner, V. No, he’s not gay, but we have this fashion bond. You see, I got him started on collecting the freshest Nike SBs around, thus starting his shoe addiction and his uncanny ability to always rock a unique outfit that always matched his shoes.

Anyways, back to my search. Walking into to Metropark, I was immediately attracted to a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg trouser jeans from a new brand called Rich & Skinny. These jeans were AWESOME! I knew at that moment, I had to have them to complete my perfect party outfit. I quickly picked out a size 28 and a size 27 jeans (I might just get lucky and actually fit into them) and went in search for a top. I then left no rack unturned as I searched for the perfect top to accompany my perfect jeans. After ravishing each rack, I chose a brown leopard print vest that was made out of silk. The designer made one-of-a –kind pieces, and the store associate assured me no one would have the same vest. It was off to the fitting rooms.
Feeling a bit lucky, I tried on the size 27 jeans, and to my amazement, they fit! I was so ecstatic. The jeans were not only perfect, but they fit wonderfully. They went as high as my belly button, hugged, my bottom half just right and then flared out at the bottom (but not in a 70s bellbottom sort-of-way). Of course I had to get them hemmed (I’m only 5-ft. 2-inches and always need to get pants hemmed). The vest completed the outfit so well, that I even had all the associates gushing about how great it went and how I had a “killer outfit.” V nodded, and being a guy, said my ass “looked marvelous in the jeans.”

Then, it hit me. I was broke and had to work within my budget. I couldn’t spend anymore than $150 or else I wouldn’t be eating for the rest of the month. I was hesitant to peek at the price tag of my new perfect outfit knowing it would only bring heartache and disappointment. I finally mustered up enough courage and looked at the tags. The jeans were a whopping $245 and the vest was $80. Dreams of my perfect outfit were shattered. There was no way I could afford it and still survive financially until next payday (I don’t have major credit cards. They are way too dangerous for me).

As I undressed slowly, not wanting to go without my perfect outfit, it hit me: if Nordstrom had the jeans, I could charge it on my Nordstrom credit card and still be able to afford the vest! It was pure genius. Nordstrom always has everything, especially high-end jeans. I quickly asked the sales associate to place my perfect outfit on hold, grabbed V and literally ran to Nordstrom only a few feet away, silently praying they had the jeans.

We arrived at the Savvy section of Nordstrom out of breath and immediately cornered a sales woman and asked about the jeans. I made sure not o leave out any details as I described the Rich & Skinny jeans. When I was finished, she smiled. “Oh, yes,” she said in an accent. “I know exactly which ones you are talking about. I wore them yesterday and got so many compliments on them.” (I just knew they were stylish). I got excited at the thought that they them. Hell, even if they didn’t I could always have them track it down at another store or have it shipped to my house overnight. Then she dropped the bomb on me as she told me the bad news. “But I don’t think we have them anymore,” she said. I was crushed. I was so close yet so far to my perfect party outfit.

She then took it upon her self to check the computer to see if maybe they were at another store or online. I think she saw the desperation in my eyes. After what seemed like an eternity (really five minutes), I was let down gently like a well -rehearsed breakup speech and told there all sold out. Shawn V quickly came to my side. “We can go look at Bebe or at some dresses here in Nordstrom,” he said trying to cheer me up. “Or we can find other trousers here.” I shook my head in disagreement. “No,” I sadly replied. “That was my perfect party outfit and nothing can change my mind or look just as good.” Ahhhh, I so hate it when you have your mind set on one certain thing and can’t look past it. Once of found something I like and want so bad, I can’t see anything else without comparing it to that one perfect outfit. I was doomed.

I went to Bebe and didn’t find anything I liked; there were a lot of maybes, but nothing that even compared to my Rich & Skinny jeans and my one-of-a-kind leopard vest. I didn’t even want to just buy the vest and pair it with other jeans because it didn’t look the same with the Rich & Skinny jeans.

I had vowed to myself that if I didn’t find my perfect party outfit, I wasn’t going to the party, and now I really didn’t want to go. All I could think about were those pants. I had to have them, but couldn’t pay that much. I told V I had failed my mission and wasn’t going to join him at the party. We drove home in silence (partly because I was a bit jealous he had found a shirt to match his latest colorful Nike SBs).

When I got home, I was obsessing about the jeans. I told my mom about them, and even went as far as going online, so that she could see what they really looked like. Right before clicking off, the most wonderful thing happened! I guess my mom saw the desperation and sadness in my eyes because she then told me she’d pay for half! I couldn’t believe it! I was going to have my jeans anyway. Not wanting to go back to mall the next day (I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting), I bought them online.

Now, I know what you must be thinking: There is no way they will arrive in time for the party and still have time to get them hemmed (the party was two days away). I didn’t care. I just needed them and wanted them that I could use wear the for another “party of the year.” Even though I didn’t have the vest, I realized the jeans were all I really wanted; with them, I could make several perfect party outfits. My heart and my closet were content (until I see my next fashion obsession, that is).

What am I going to wear to the party instead you ask? Well, you’ll going to have to wait and read my blog to find out on Friday!

Beauty Trend: Navy Blue Nails

Sometimes a French manicure gets old. For those of you who want to change things up a bit will love this season’s latest nail trend: dark nails. OK, so it’s not exactly a new trend since Lindsay Lohan and the rest of the young Hollywood fleet of rebels have been sporting black (or better described as chipped black) nail polish. While it’s no secret that dark nails are all the rage this season, there are other dark hues that will satisfy this trend besides black. (This will be helpful for all you ladies who have went to the Chanel beauty counter at your local mall only to find out they were out of stock of the highly coveted Chanel Black Satin nail polish.)

Since this season is all about the grey and dark tones, obviously black nails would go with anything. However, there are alternative dark colors for those that want a bit more color than just boring old black, but still want to be trendy. “Dark” nails can mean anything from a chocolate brown to deep green and anything in between. Navy blue is actually hotter than black this year and has already been spotted on the finely manicured nails of stars like Fergie and Eva Mendes.

To pull off this edgy look, your nails must be cut short. If you can, try to have them done professionally, but if you can’t, make sure that you cut them straight so they look professional. Before you apply the polish, it’s a good idea to add on a transparent layer so you’re nails don’t get stained after you remove the polish (it’s also a good idea to add a transparent layer on top of the color for some added shine).

If these colors are too dark for you, don’t be afraid to go with the ever-classic red nail polish. You can never go wrong with a little red!

A Fashionista Is Born

Since the day I was born, fashion has been in my blood. My mother was the thrifty shopper, never spending too much on anything. Instead, she would accessorize her “cheap” outfit to the best of her abilities and it would turn out as if it came straight out of a page from a fashion magazine. This is how I was raised. I was thought from a very young age that it doesn’t matter what you pay for it, what matters is how you accessorize it and wear it. This was my mantra until I got my first job at 16 working as a receptionist at a hip, trendy salon in the mall. I figured, “Hey, I was making the money, so I could spend it anyway possible.” Instead of buying no-name brand shoes, I started to shop at Steve Madden (I’m now hooked) and started shopping at stores like BEBE and Planet Funk rather than the usual Forever 21 (which I still shop at). That was my first introduction to what I thought at the moment as upscale fashion.

From there, I’ve become obsessed with all things designer (even if I can’t afford them, yet). My first introduction with actual designer brands was in college when I (or really my boyfriend at the time) bought me my first Coach purse. Then, I became interested in Louis Vuitton and Dior purses. Although, I only have a few, they are my most cherished pieces of my closet. For me, they represent my future goals of becoming a fashion editor at a publication like Vogue or Elle because I know I’ll be able to afford more of those when I do finally make it.

On another note, I would classify my style and hip and trendy. I love how I can sense a trend before it actually happens and wear it months before anyone else does (which generates many compliments when I’m out and about). I’m that type of person who has to dress up for EVERYTHING. I never leave the house without a cute outfit, no matter where I’m going. However, I haven’t been doing this for work (I work with nothing but guys who come in to work in jeans and ratty old T-shirts everyday). But I make sure to compensate for this by dressing up everywhere else I go.

Welcome to the boy's club

It’s a man’s world (at least in their heads)

We’ve all heard it before; it’s a man’s world and women are merely players in it. That might be true in their heads, but we really know who wears the pants and we’re not afraid to show it!

This season it’s all about the boys (clothes that is). Menswear-inspired clothes reveal that that the power has shifted as the borrowed-from-the-boys plaid, check, houndstooth and pinstripe fabrics are popping up on everything from ultra-feminine dresses to menswear-inspired trousers. Pinstripes are getting pretty with lace, houndstooth plaids are injected with florals and traditional plaid gets girly with ruffles.
Although menswear colors vary, but usually look best in grey, black or brown, but feel free to add color to the ensemble!

The best looks from this trend are the trousers and ankle boots that resemble classic black and white oxfords. Whether they are crop, city shorts or wide-leg, trousers look great for any occasion. Wide-leg pants are my personal favorite since they hide midsection flaws and make you feel as if you are walking down runway while your pants gracefully hover above the ground, swooshing side to side as you walk. For those who are vertically challenged (like myself), wide-leg pants are best worn with stilettos or boots. For those that already have the height of a model, simply pair them with some flats and you’re ready to go.

Trousers can easily go from power lunch to first date with a simple change of the blouse. For work, fitted button-down shirts tucked in look great or try a cardigan with a colored tank underneath. For night occasions, a fitted top looks great, but my favorite is a matching vest that will hug your upper body with a white tank underneath. If you really want to look sexy, wear the vest with just a great push-up bra underneath, it’s a sexy way to spice up an otherwise traditional masculine look.

Oxford-style shoes and high-heel loafers complete the look and are the hottest shoes right now. Nothing says glam like black and white oxford stilettos. Pair it up with a pinstripe pencil skirt, a hot vest and some red lipstick, and you’re ready to go! Besides adding the finishing touches to a menswear-inspired outfit, these oxford-style shoes also go great with other outfits that sometimes need a man’s touch

No outfit is complete with out the right accessories. To embrace your inner Katherine Hepburn, finish off your outfit with a charming fedora hat. Or, if you’re not in the mood to pull off the whole menswear look, try the fedora with a simple white tee, our favorite jeans and some oxford heels or boots. Another must have menswear-inspired accessory is a pocket watch. It doesn’t have to be expensive (or even working), but it will take your outfit to another level.

You don’t have to go out on a shopping spree to get this look (unless you want to, of course). All you need to do is pick up a few menswear-inspired items and mix them with your current wardrobe. Some great ways to incorporate menswear into your wardrobe this fall is with silk, sequins, pin-tucks, bow ties and hats. Here are some key pieces that will get you the look:
~Velvet blazer
~Sequin pants
~Oxford-inspired shoes or loafer heels
~A white button down shirt
~Trouser pants or shorts

If at any time you start to think you look like a dude, just make sure to show a little cleavage and glamorize your make-up; those little touches will make you remember how feminine you are and have the real men all over you! So whatever
combination you fancy, a man’s touch never felt (or looked) so good.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Blog

I've finally done it! I've started my very own blog. Even though many have suggested that I start one, it wasn't until it was required for a fashion writing class, that I decided to actually go through with it. Since fashion is my passion, and, hopefully one day my job, this blog will reflect my thoughts, concerns and commentary on the wonderful world of fashion. Enjoy!