Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A "Eutrophic Rebellion"

Monarchy, known for its cutting edge, punk-inspired treads, debuted its Spring 2008 collection titled “Eutrophic Rebellion” at Mercedes-Benz’s L.A. Fashion Week on October 18 at Smashbox Studio’s Main Stage.

In accordance with the overall “green” theme of Fashion Week, designer and founder Eric Kim, depicted preppy-punk-inspired warriors trying to save the world parading down a grass-covered runway, compete with battle wounds on male models.

For Spring 2008, Kim clashed East Coast preppy with rock star glam and added a 80s twist. For men, the result was argyle cardigans paired with pinstripe trousers or skinny jeans topped with fedoras, plunging V-neck tees accented with ascots and scarves, jeans with suspenders and pinstripe vests with jeans and sandals. Deconstructed hoddies and members only-type jackets paired with indigo jeans were highlights for the men’s pieces.

The women’s pieces featured high-waist skinny jeans, cropped jeans and Bermudas with suspenders, cardigans, multi-colored plaid shirts and gun sling-type vests. Jumper sets varied in length from booty-cut to mid-thigh and were worn with button-front shirts, as did shorts.

The highlight piece from the women’s collection was a grey metallic heart shape tuxedo-like dress accented with purple flaps, with grey tights, Mary Jane heels and black top hat. There was also a grey metallic pencil skirt with a sleeveless blouse that matched the tuxedo-lik dress.

Although the guys featured scars on their faces, the women’s hair was either in teased beehives, tousled back ponytails or worn straight down. Accessories included skinny belts, driving gloves, accosts, scarves, top hats and fedoras. The color scheme for the collection centered around blue, white, red, black and grey, with some purple laced on certain pieces.

At the end of the show, Kim walked the runway with a hippie-inspired model wearing only environmentally conscious messages written all over her body (she was wearing only a nude bra and boy-short underwear), such as “Green is the New Black” and “Green Peace.”

But what fashion show would be complete without it’s star power sitting in the front row? “American Idol’s” Randy Jackson,“Entourage’s” Rex Lee and two Cheetah Girls were among the various celebrities who attended the show.


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