Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beauty Trend: Navy Blue Nails

Sometimes a French manicure gets old. For those of you who want to change things up a bit will love this season’s latest nail trend: dark nails. OK, so it’s not exactly a new trend since Lindsay Lohan and the rest of the young Hollywood fleet of rebels have been sporting black (or better described as chipped black) nail polish. While it’s no secret that dark nails are all the rage this season, there are other dark hues that will satisfy this trend besides black. (This will be helpful for all you ladies who have went to the Chanel beauty counter at your local mall only to find out they were out of stock of the highly coveted Chanel Black Satin nail polish.)

Since this season is all about the grey and dark tones, obviously black nails would go with anything. However, there are alternative dark colors for those that want a bit more color than just boring old black, but still want to be trendy. “Dark” nails can mean anything from a chocolate brown to deep green and anything in between. Navy blue is actually hotter than black this year and has already been spotted on the finely manicured nails of stars like Fergie and Eva Mendes.

To pull off this edgy look, your nails must be cut short. If you can, try to have them done professionally, but if you can’t, make sure that you cut them straight so they look professional. Before you apply the polish, it’s a good idea to add on a transparent layer so you’re nails don’t get stained after you remove the polish (it’s also a good idea to add a transparent layer on top of the color for some added shine).

If these colors are too dark for you, don’t be afraid to go with the ever-classic red nail polish. You can never go wrong with a little red!