Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Perfect Party Outfit

I’m broke, but the party of the year calls for the perfect outfit. Not only is it the biggest celebrity DJ’s birthday party, but it’s also the place for the biggest names in music and streetwear to rub elbows with the party going elite. I have to have the perfect outfit no matter how over drafted my bank account is. I’m sure you all understand this dilemma. It’s the one night to shine and look better than everyone else.

I immediately hit the best mall in L.A. County, The Glendale Galleria. Not only does it have the best assortment in shops like Bebe, Guees, Metropark, Nordstrom and Forever 21, but it also has great shoe and accessory stores all under one massive roof (the mall literally take up two blocks).

In my mind, I was searching for something sexy, sassy and unique given it’s more of a Hollywood glam mixed with Melrose streewear kind of party. I immediately had three stores in mind: Nordstrom, Bebe and the hip Metropark. Now, of course you can never go shopping for the perfect party outfit on your own. Who’s going to give you feedback, remember what store the best outfit was in and keep you sane through the rigorous process? I immediately called in backup, or better yet my shopping partner, V. No, he’s not gay, but we have this fashion bond. You see, I got him started on collecting the freshest Nike SBs around, thus starting his shoe addiction and his uncanny ability to always rock a unique outfit that always matched his shoes.

Anyways, back to my search. Walking into to Metropark, I was immediately attracted to a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg trouser jeans from a new brand called Rich & Skinny. These jeans were AWESOME! I knew at that moment, I had to have them to complete my perfect party outfit. I quickly picked out a size 28 and a size 27 jeans (I might just get lucky and actually fit into them) and went in search for a top. I then left no rack unturned as I searched for the perfect top to accompany my perfect jeans. After ravishing each rack, I chose a brown leopard print vest that was made out of silk. The designer made one-of-a –kind pieces, and the store associate assured me no one would have the same vest. It was off to the fitting rooms.
Feeling a bit lucky, I tried on the size 27 jeans, and to my amazement, they fit! I was so ecstatic. The jeans were not only perfect, but they fit wonderfully. They went as high as my belly button, hugged, my bottom half just right and then flared out at the bottom (but not in a 70s bellbottom sort-of-way). Of course I had to get them hemmed (I’m only 5-ft. 2-inches and always need to get pants hemmed). The vest completed the outfit so well, that I even had all the associates gushing about how great it went and how I had a “killer outfit.” V nodded, and being a guy, said my ass “looked marvelous in the jeans.”

Then, it hit me. I was broke and had to work within my budget. I couldn’t spend anymore than $150 or else I wouldn’t be eating for the rest of the month. I was hesitant to peek at the price tag of my new perfect outfit knowing it would only bring heartache and disappointment. I finally mustered up enough courage and looked at the tags. The jeans were a whopping $245 and the vest was $80. Dreams of my perfect outfit were shattered. There was no way I could afford it and still survive financially until next payday (I don’t have major credit cards. They are way too dangerous for me).

As I undressed slowly, not wanting to go without my perfect outfit, it hit me: if Nordstrom had the jeans, I could charge it on my Nordstrom credit card and still be able to afford the vest! It was pure genius. Nordstrom always has everything, especially high-end jeans. I quickly asked the sales associate to place my perfect outfit on hold, grabbed V and literally ran to Nordstrom only a few feet away, silently praying they had the jeans.

We arrived at the Savvy section of Nordstrom out of breath and immediately cornered a sales woman and asked about the jeans. I made sure not o leave out any details as I described the Rich & Skinny jeans. When I was finished, she smiled. “Oh, yes,” she said in an accent. “I know exactly which ones you are talking about. I wore them yesterday and got so many compliments on them.” (I just knew they were stylish). I got excited at the thought that they them. Hell, even if they didn’t I could always have them track it down at another store or have it shipped to my house overnight. Then she dropped the bomb on me as she told me the bad news. “But I don’t think we have them anymore,” she said. I was crushed. I was so close yet so far to my perfect party outfit.

She then took it upon her self to check the computer to see if maybe they were at another store or online. I think she saw the desperation in my eyes. After what seemed like an eternity (really five minutes), I was let down gently like a well -rehearsed breakup speech and told there all sold out. Shawn V quickly came to my side. “We can go look at Bebe or at some dresses here in Nordstrom,” he said trying to cheer me up. “Or we can find other trousers here.” I shook my head in disagreement. “No,” I sadly replied. “That was my perfect party outfit and nothing can change my mind or look just as good.” Ahhhh, I so hate it when you have your mind set on one certain thing and can’t look past it. Once of found something I like and want so bad, I can’t see anything else without comparing it to that one perfect outfit. I was doomed.

I went to Bebe and didn’t find anything I liked; there were a lot of maybes, but nothing that even compared to my Rich & Skinny jeans and my one-of-a-kind leopard vest. I didn’t even want to just buy the vest and pair it with other jeans because it didn’t look the same with the Rich & Skinny jeans.

I had vowed to myself that if I didn’t find my perfect party outfit, I wasn’t going to the party, and now I really didn’t want to go. All I could think about were those pants. I had to have them, but couldn’t pay that much. I told V I had failed my mission and wasn’t going to join him at the party. We drove home in silence (partly because I was a bit jealous he had found a shirt to match his latest colorful Nike SBs).

When I got home, I was obsessing about the jeans. I told my mom about them, and even went as far as going online, so that she could see what they really looked like. Right before clicking off, the most wonderful thing happened! I guess my mom saw the desperation and sadness in my eyes because she then told me she’d pay for half! I couldn’t believe it! I was going to have my jeans anyway. Not wanting to go back to mall the next day (I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting), I bought them online.

Now, I know what you must be thinking: There is no way they will arrive in time for the party and still have time to get them hemmed (the party was two days away). I didn’t care. I just needed them and wanted them that I could use wear the for another “party of the year.” Even though I didn’t have the vest, I realized the jeans were all I really wanted; with them, I could make several perfect party outfits. My heart and my closet were content (until I see my next fashion obsession, that is).

What am I going to wear to the party instead you ask? Well, you’ll going to have to wait and read my blog to find out on Friday!


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