Friday, October 12, 2007

What were they thinking?

So, remember my perfect party outfit dilemma? Well, I did go the party, and I wore a simple, yet classy, fuchsia shirtdress from Bebe with my oxford-inspired platforms from Steve Madden. The outfit was okay, and nothing too elaborate or head turning. My mom even said, “That’s too plain,” which made me conscious of my plain outfit the whole night.

Although, I looked stylish compared to the other girls, I still felt I couldn’t have stepped it up a notch. The jeans and vest would have made a much louder statement. Still, I can’t complain. The outfits there ranged from hoochie-mama dresses (will get into more detail later) to horrible ensembles, and of course, skinny jeans with so-so tops.

If you haven’t already noticed, I am one of those people that takes joy in going to party and checking out outfits. I have more fun standing at the bar with a vodka tonic in my hand starring at outfits (both guys and girls) than dancing and getting all sweaty on the dance floor. It might seem boring, but trust me, it can be quite entertaining.

Here are my thoughts on do’s and don’ts of girls’ outfits from last night:

1. Don’t wear a bikini top under a plunging dress. It’s not the beach and, yes, you do look tacky.

2. Buy shoes that fit you. If your toes are hanging over the end of your shoes, don’t buy them.

3. If you are wearing a black cowel neck sweater, don’t accessorize it with a brown crocodile belt from Bebe and wear skinny jeans with black espadrilles. You have no style if you do.

4. Fake boobs are not an accessory.

5. Muffin tops are unacceptable.

6. This one is for the guys: There are other shoes out there other than black Converse. Explore the shoe section of your neighborhood department store.

7. Dressing like your friends does not look cute. Be an individual and have your own style.

Oh, and it wasn’t the party of the year. It actually sucked. I should have stayed home and watched Grey’s Anatomy instead.


marisol said...

What do you mean it sucked? If I have any idea of what party you're talking about, there's no way it sucked, at least for you anyways! Wait, was it because I wasn't there with you to talk smack and over analyze ever hoochie girl outfit! I miss those days...So glad you finally got your blog going!