Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome to the boy's club

It’s a man’s world (at least in their heads)

We’ve all heard it before; it’s a man’s world and women are merely players in it. That might be true in their heads, but we really know who wears the pants and we’re not afraid to show it!

This season it’s all about the boys (clothes that is). Menswear-inspired clothes reveal that that the power has shifted as the borrowed-from-the-boys plaid, check, houndstooth and pinstripe fabrics are popping up on everything from ultra-feminine dresses to menswear-inspired trousers. Pinstripes are getting pretty with lace, houndstooth plaids are injected with florals and traditional plaid gets girly with ruffles.
Although menswear colors vary, but usually look best in grey, black or brown, but feel free to add color to the ensemble!

The best looks from this trend are the trousers and ankle boots that resemble classic black and white oxfords. Whether they are crop, city shorts or wide-leg, trousers look great for any occasion. Wide-leg pants are my personal favorite since they hide midsection flaws and make you feel as if you are walking down runway while your pants gracefully hover above the ground, swooshing side to side as you walk. For those who are vertically challenged (like myself), wide-leg pants are best worn with stilettos or boots. For those that already have the height of a model, simply pair them with some flats and you’re ready to go.

Trousers can easily go from power lunch to first date with a simple change of the blouse. For work, fitted button-down shirts tucked in look great or try a cardigan with a colored tank underneath. For night occasions, a fitted top looks great, but my favorite is a matching vest that will hug your upper body with a white tank underneath. If you really want to look sexy, wear the vest with just a great push-up bra underneath, it’s a sexy way to spice up an otherwise traditional masculine look.

Oxford-style shoes and high-heel loafers complete the look and are the hottest shoes right now. Nothing says glam like black and white oxford stilettos. Pair it up with a pinstripe pencil skirt, a hot vest and some red lipstick, and you’re ready to go! Besides adding the finishing touches to a menswear-inspired outfit, these oxford-style shoes also go great with other outfits that sometimes need a man’s touch

No outfit is complete with out the right accessories. To embrace your inner Katherine Hepburn, finish off your outfit with a charming fedora hat. Or, if you’re not in the mood to pull off the whole menswear look, try the fedora with a simple white tee, our favorite jeans and some oxford heels or boots. Another must have menswear-inspired accessory is a pocket watch. It doesn’t have to be expensive (or even working), but it will take your outfit to another level.

You don’t have to go out on a shopping spree to get this look (unless you want to, of course). All you need to do is pick up a few menswear-inspired items and mix them with your current wardrobe. Some great ways to incorporate menswear into your wardrobe this fall is with silk, sequins, pin-tucks, bow ties and hats. Here are some key pieces that will get you the look:
~Velvet blazer
~Sequin pants
~Oxford-inspired shoes or loafer heels
~A white button down shirt
~Trouser pants or shorts

If at any time you start to think you look like a dude, just make sure to show a little cleavage and glamorize your make-up; those little touches will make you remember how feminine you are and have the real men all over you! So whatever
combination you fancy, a man’s touch never felt (or looked) so good.